Promises, i can’t keep…

I did a lot of research before becoming a mother.. And i made my version of an ideal good mother. There are some dos, some don’ts. That’s my vision. I’ll become a good mother, on my version.

As my son grow, my vision doesn’t changed but, I learned that, there is no standard for being a good mother. As the time grow, i learned that, parenting isn’t textbook matter. Some dos, some don’ts, flexibly changed.. And here are some promises i can’t keep..

No Screen till 2 or 3 yo

Haha! It’s hard you know.. While you are surrounding by screen/gadget, and you want your kid to stay away 😂 and actually it help me to relax a bit. It’s quite tiring to follow him running to there, there, there and there.. 😁

I think it’s not always bad kids having screen, as long as we, parents, took the control and keep the comunication up. We know what they see ( we choosed what they see, anyway), and we give explanation while they watch the screen. Yep! I keep the chitchat while my son watching youtube. It become interactive and my son is challenged to speak up.

I won’t get angry/yelling to my son

I really feel bad about this.. Realy really bad.. I always thinking this is not good. But well, yeah.. Sometime shit happen. As an excuse, my son will now, he will learn, there’s this type of emotion. He will know people can get angry sometime. And in the end, you’ve to apologize for doing bad. Yes, i do ask apologize to my son.  And for another excuse it  better if my son got scold by me then other.. *cough

I won’t give instant food

Home made food is better. That’s i always think. But sometime, on ‘i don’t wanna open my mouth’ period, it helps! Maybe it’s like us.. After eating health food for a while, then we craving for some indomie goreng.. Hahaha.. So once in a while, it’s ok.. 😂

I believe health matter is an investment. And it started by what we eat. That’s why i a bit strict controlling what my son eat. At least until he got 2 yo. I want his body know on his known, which is bad/good for his own body.

Till know, he doesn’t like to eat something too sweat. He ate it, not much. He’ll stop by himself. Am so proud bout it.

No milk powder

He gain not much on his weight. The doctor gave the receipt. So yeah.. For his own good, it’s ok..

Ah, actually there are so much promises i can’t keep.. Too much to write.. I feel bad, but in the end, i want to congratulate you, myself, for having healthy and happy kid.. We know it’s not easy become a mother, but you give your all. You try to understand your son well, you always, always and always trying to give the very best for your son. So, well done on being such a great mum! 😎


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